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Mail It the simplest and cheapest option available on the market right now to send emails to your subscribers immediately from inside the WordPress blog of yours without paying fees any longer for your ESP/Autoresponder and/or SMTP relay services. Send unrestricted (broadcast or perhaps autoresponder) emails to an infinite number of subscribers at any time and as often as you want with virtually no restrictions that big ESPs seem to have. Hence, a great plugin and should have tool for any major Email Marketer. Even in case you are just going to use it as backup opportunity in case your Autoresponder cannot be reached or even does not work temporarily (or worse in case they closed the account of yours without any warning).

What is Mail It?

Mail It a WordPress plugin to send emails directly from your (self hosted) server without needing some Email Service Provider or maybe SMTP relay.

Nonetheless, in case you prefer, you can make use of a SMTP relay like Amazon SES, MailJet, SendGrid etc.

Primary benefit of these SMTP relay services is that they can handle huge lists, send out bulk emails without any problem and are (often) cheaper compared to typical ESP/Autoresponders (you'll pay a small quantity per send email instead of a fixed fee every month based upon the amount of subsribers).

What is so special about Mail It?

First of all, it enables you to send broadcast and autoresponder emails right away from within your WP blog. You won't need some other service.

Prior, you'd to apply a minimum of a SMTP relay service together with either a WordPress plugin as RapidMailer, or a desktop software program as Email Jeet two to setup and join with a STMP relay.

With Mail It, you do not need to have a SMTP relay and hence you won't pay for SMTP services and can use your own personal server to send out emails.

Secondly, in theory, you can send limitless emails, get limitless subscribers subscribed to as many email lists as you like.

And that all for a tiny one time payment ($47.00)!

You won't have to pay monthly costs for the ESP of yours any longer (and/or extra payments for your SMTP relay service).

Other main features of Mail It:

- Easily import your current email lists (from various other ESPs) with no confirmation and/or restrictions. Plus invalid emails are automatically filtered out!
- Unlimited subscribers and unlimited email lists.
- Unlimited emails and unlimited autoresponder series.
- Easy WYSIWYG Editor or maybe HTML editor to create the emails of yours.
- Full stats: showing opens, spam complaints, clicks, unsubscribes and bounces.
- Feature to copy emails in a single click.
- Feature to resend email to individuals who didn't open.
- Feature to clean and remove inactive subscribers.
- Throttling feature to set maximum number of outgoing emails per hour to remain within hosting provider limits.
- Mail It SPF? DKIM, and can SPAM compliant (with one click unsubscribe feature).
- Inside the plugin: step-by-step instructional videos.
- Inside the members area: deliverability tips training.
- Trustworthy and reliable support by Brett Rutecky himself.

And also naturally, you can add new subscribers manually or by using the built-in HTML opt-in form creator that you can embed anyplace you would like.

And of course, these optin forms can be used with the key page builders as WP Profit Builder, Optimize Press, Thrive Leads and other things. Or use it with Brett's (the creator/seller) Profit Canvas page builder.

(If the page builder allows HTML opt-in forms, you can use Mail It. But check it out with the own answer of yours, as many Page Builders just use APIs with the main Autoresponders)

To summarize, with Mail It, there aren't any restrictions as with the main Email Service Providers (as AWeber, GetResponse etc.):

- No email import restrictions. You can forget about blocked emails or even needless double opt in procedures.
- No email sending restrictions. Send as many emails, as often, and with the articles and other content you need.
- No IP Address restrictions. With Mail It other spammers sending emails from the identical IP address (that the ESP of yours is actually using) will not hurt your delivery rates anymore.

Are there any shortcomings?

There can be restrictions with respect to the number of emails you're allowed to send daily or My Mailit hourly set by your hosting provider. Particularly if the WordPress blog of yours is running on (cheap) shared hosting, there will be definitely restrictions.

Luckily Mail It comes with built-in throttling feature. In which you are able to specify the maximum number of outgoing emails a hour to be within hosting provider limits.

But, in case you've a considerable email list as well as send a number of emails, sooner or maybe later you most likely will require your own personal specific server or VPS (or at least a shared service with less restrictions). Alternatively, of course, you can make use of a SMTP relay service. (But hey, if you're having a huge list, you probably have significant website traffic, and hence you need an experienced server anyway)

In addition, you can't just start with a big email list. You initially need to warm up' your email sending. I mean, don't send thousands of email messages on the earliest day. Start with 100, then 500, then 1000, then 2000 etc. over a period of a couple of weeks. However, view the results of yours and check the delivery of yours and open rates during this process.

(Note: Brett describes how you can warm up our email sending in his deliverability tips videos)

In addition, the email editor is a basic one. You can create some HTML email you would like (or simply use the WYSIWYG editor), but you won't find email templates.

Exact same goes for about the HTML opt in form creator. You are able to create simple opt in forms. But for the better-looking and advanced more forms, you might want to integrate with your favorite Page Builder (check out if your page builder only uses APIs with the key Autoresponders or even that additionally, you should use HTML opt in forms).

Lastly, you can only schedule your Autoresponder messages in advance. There's no scheduler for broadcast emails. You've to really click on the send now button a the second you would like the emails of yours to go out.

Overall, I genuinely like this simple fix. You are able to save a large amount of monthly fees and take control back over your email marketing.

Exactly why must you buy Mail It?

Mail It the cheapest and simplest solution available on the market these days to send emails to your subscribers directly from inside your WordPress blog without paying some spare costs for your ESP/Autoresponder and/or SMTP relay services.

With Mail It, you can send unlimited (broadcast or perhaps Autoresponder) emails to an unlimited number of members at any time and as frequently as you wish with virtually no restrictions that huge ESPs seem to have.

Hence, a great plugin and need to have tool for any major Email Marketer. Even in case you're only going to put it to use as a backup opportunity in case your Autoresponder cannot be reached or perhaps doesn't work temporarily (or far worse if they closed your account without any warning).


You are able to purchase the Mail It? Personal Usage License for an one time payment of just $47.00.

(You can work with the private usage only license on limitless WordPress sites you own)

The offer has a fourteen days no questions guarantee period.

upsells and Otos

Only throughout the particular 3-day launch (ended August twenty one, 2016), there was an option to buy the Resell Rights to sell Mail It (closed now).

I purchased this license myself and today you'll actually buy Mail It from me directly. But, you still get the same product with all features and support from Brett himself. And, of course, all my special bonuses.

Hence, there are no upsells anymore.

Note: Brett increased the official sales price to $67.00 (as you can see on this page) and allows his resellers to sell Mail It for a minimum price of $47.00. The cost I use myself.

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